One more day…

The minute I saw the House’s 56 bill regular calendar, I knew that a sine die tonight was not going to be. 

Thanks to the legislature for letting one of my constants hold true (see previous post from like January for more):

Lawmakers always say they will get out at the end of April and they never do. 

And just another quick update: the House has passed the law that targets Vanderbilt and its all-comers policy.  It now goes to the governor’s desk.  I could be wrong, but I suspect the veto pen might come out for the first time on this one.  The governor made it pretty clear that he didn’t think this was an issue the legislature should be getting involved in. This is also an issue that involves a very powerful and prestigious private university. Then again, I could be wrong.  Guessing what the legislature and the governor are going to do have never been my strong points.

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