Something unexpected in the wine in grocery stores debate

I can honestly say, I expected to hear a lot of arguments for and against wine in grocery stores this year. I did not expect buttchugging to make its entry into the debate.

That’s what happened yesterday.

Yesterday, a group of law enforcement officials from around the state held a press conference at the plaza to denounce the wine in grocery stores initiative as a public safety risk. They say the plan would put a strain on local police departments, many which already spend a lot of time dealing with alcohol-related issues.

One of the big arguments the law enforcement community has made is that allowing wine in grocery stores would increase the problem with underage drinking. I asked the officers there about that argument, when it appears that most underage drinkers gravitate towards beer.

The Knoxville police chief pointed to the alleged buttchugging incident as proof wine is used by underage drinking.

The incident involved happened last year with a University of Tennessee fraternity student. Allegedly, this kid and his friends were doing something called the “Tour De Franzia”, which involves funneling boxed wine into the body through one’s rectum. The kid has denied it, in what can only be described as one of the weirdest press conferences I’ve ever watched.

So we will all hear a lot about whether or not wine in grocery stores is good or bad. Expect that. Will we hear more about alcohol enemas? Stay tuned.

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