Curry Todd pleads guilty

Curry Todd pleaded guilty today to DUI and gun charges, stemming from his 2011 arrest.

Now, when this happened, this was more than your average “lawmakers gets arrested for DUI” story. As many people already know, Todd was the author of the “guns in bars” law. The guns in bars law allows handgun carry permit holders to bring a firearm into a bar, as long as the person doesn’t drink and the bar hasn’t posted otherwise. During this debate, Todd said over and over again that law-abiding citizens didn’t carry their guns while under the influence.

During the 2011 arrest, a police report detailed that Todd was driving erratically and was almost falling down while trying to perform sobriety tests. He had his firearm in the car with him. The police report states Todd “was obviously very impaired and not in any condition to be carrying a loaded gun.”

So there you go. The mug shot wasn’t pretty either.

According to the Associated Press, he will have to serve 48 hours in jail and a year of probation. He will not be able to carry a gun while on probation.

Afterwards, he gave a tearful statement. According to the Tennessean, he said that his DUI was the result of prescription medication along with two glasses of wine over several hours. I will say that is what I’ve heard he told some lawmakers privately immediately after his arrest.

So, a year and a half after it started, the Curry Todd saga has come to an end.

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