The Repealer

Personally, I think having “Repealer” as a job title would be pretty cool. However, some think there could be much cooler names out there. The “Eraser”? The “Exterminator?” Would be interested to hear your selections.

In all seriousness, Rep. Glen Casada and Sen. Jack Johnson held a press conference today (I covered it yesterday) about their intents to create an office of the repealer. It would be a one-time position that would last for 4 years and be housed in the Secretary of State’s office. The idea is the person would pour over Tennessee code and find laws that are antiquated, burdensome or unnecessary. He or she would also solicit ideas from the public. The repealer would then make recommendations to the state legislature on which laws need to be eliminated. Of course, the legislature would actually have to do the repealing.

According to the sponsors, Kansas passed a similar law last year. The repealer is now in the recommendation phase of his job. I did some quick research and just a few weeks ago, the repealer made 51 suggestions to Gov. Sam Brownback on some laws he believes could be repealed. I clicked on a couple of the links randomly to see what kind of laws were recommended for repeal. The computer told me the pages could not be found. So, either the repealer moves quickly, or Kansas’s website stinks. Having worked as a legislative reporter in Kansas for more than 3 years, I’m going with the latter.

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